Data Destruction

Secure and Sustainable

Secure. Compliant. Efficient.

Does your company need a few hard drives wiped? The liquidation of an entire data center? As a trusted and accredited e-waste recycling company, S3 guarantees the safe and sustainable destruction of your data. No matter the size or level of a data destruction project, security and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

Businesses can be sure that S3’s data destruction services are thorough and transparent. Our onsite destruction services as well as robust reporting gives clients peace of mind that their devices are properly handled.

S3 follows strict protocols and complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations when we destroy equipment that does not have reasonable market value.

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Hard Drive Shredding

With global upticks in hacks and data security breaches, many companies are putting emphasis on physical destruction of hard drives and other media storage devices. S3’s high-performance hard drive shredders provide increased efficiency and security to our clients, including onsite data destruction services.

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