Data Center Decommissioning

Project Planning & Security

From End-user Devices To Entire Data Centers

No matter the size of a data decommissioning project, S3 is ready to see it through. Data center decommissioning takes careful planning and coordination among many different parties; S3 ensures that your project is completed efficiently and sustainably with particular care for each client’s specific needs.

Project Planning

Data center decommissioning can be a large workload, even if the decommissioning project itself is small. Whether a company needs its employees’ end-user devices decommissioned or an entire data server center, S3 makes it simple for clients. We work together to establish the following project guidelines:

  • Stakeholders and project manager
  • Initial inventory audit report
  • Insurance and compliance requirements
  • Budget
  • Timetable
  • Scope of project
  • Communication channels
S3 shredder truck

Onsite Data Destruction

For all data center decommissioning projects, S3 includes onsite hard drive shredding. We have the equipment necessary to come to you and securely destroy thousands of hard drives containing sensitive data. As efficient as our mobile hard drive shredder is, the biggest benefit for clients might be the guaranteed protection of their data; sensitive data never has to leave your site for proper erasure.

Project Security

S3 protects clients’ assets throughout the entire data center decommissioning process. Our onsite data destruction means that clients’ sensitive data never has to leave their site. From the initial inventory report to the end-of-life recycling, though, S3 guarantees the protection of all IT assets. Using trusted technicians and a strict chain of custody, clients can be sure that their assets remain secure throughout S3’s decommissioning services.