Our Process

Hassle-Free E-Recycling For Businesses

S3’s process makes it easy for our customers to responsibly and safely manage their excess technology assets. Beginning with scheduling a pickup, all the way through detailed reporting and end-of-life recycling, our team ensures that the customer’s experience is hassle-free.

We ensure that security controls are in place for unwiped or undestroyed data storage devices. Security controls consider physical security, monitoring, chain-of-custody, and personnel qualifications. We accommodate for data and document security destruction needs through our rigorous security protocol at our facility.

Our Process

The S3 staff coordinates all logistics to schedule pick-ups from our clients. Material is transported to our secure facility via S3 trucks or by freight, both of which are equipped with padlock security and GPS tracking.

All devices received by S3 are de-identified; any asset tags are removed and are sent back to the customer upon request. Items that have resale value are sent to testing, where we perform light refurbishing. Items that do not have resale value are sent downstream for further recycling by an R2-certified partner. All material is processed in the continental U.S., and S3 and its downstream partners have a zero-landfill policy on electronic devices. S3 sanitizes or completely destroys all media with data in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Guidelines for Media Sanitization, and provides a certificate of destruction to every customer as proof of successful erasure and non-recoverability.

All items are tested for power and basic functionality. If an item doesn’t meet our basic testing standards, then items are de-manufactured and sent downstream for further recycling using a R2-certified partner.

Re-marketed items are given a second life by our in-house light refurbishing process. Items are assessed a value and marketed through our various selling channels. Re-use is the truest form of recycling.

All material is stored at S3’s secure facility. Accessibility to the office, warehouse and data security areas vary based on job responsibility. All devices that contain data are stored in our data security area. Other items are palletized, wrapped, and stored with customer ID until further processed. S3’s facility is monitored with numerous security cameras to the exterior and interior 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recordings are made from all cameras and retained for a period of 90 days.

All devices that do no meet our testing standards are sent downstream to a R2-certified partner in the US for further processing. All commodities are recycled and/or smelted for use in new devices.