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Women’s Day Spotlight: S3 COO Chats with Alvin Jones

S3 COO Meg Gregg

It’s International Women’s Day and S3 is celebrating one of our own. Chief Operating Officer Meg Gregg was recently recognized as a leading woman making a difference in Nashville. In an interview with Alvin Jones, she provided insight about the most influential women in her life.

“My mom is a tremendous lady. She was a single working mother with a spirited and very strong-willed child,” Gregg explained. “My aunts from both sides of the family also really shaped me, gave me a lot of confidence and have been a great part of my life… I think it’s really important that people are heard and listened to, and my aunts always gave me that undivided attention.”

During the interview, Gregg also talks about little known fun facts such as her love for dogs and her involvement with the Humane Society. She also describes how she found her way to the C Suite of a leading Nashville technology company, S3 Recycling Solutions.

Listen to the full interview here

Gregg has more than 20 years of financial, operational and human resources experience spanning various industries including technology, marketing, real estate and entertainment. She’s worked within a diverse range of business settings from large and small agencies to corporations and startups.

She joined S3 Recycling Solutions in 2016, and as COO she oversees day-to-day warehouse logistics, HR and finance activities. She also volunteers with local organizations such as the Tennessee Environmental Council and Napier Recreation Center where she participates in educational events that often focus on recycling and e-waste solutions. She stays abreast of our nation’s issues and in 2017 joined the Women’s March on Washington in D.C.

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